Investment Objectives: 

• Maximize returns by acquiring commercial real estate with exceptional upside potential. 

• Conduct extensive, industry-leading due diligence in financial, operational, and physical aspects to minimize risks. 

• Implement technology to enhance operational efficiency. 

• Ensure transparency through regular and clear investor communication. 

• Generate substantial capital appreciation via disciplined asset and property management. 

• Provide investors with tax-advantaged cash distributions annually. 

• Deliver superior risk-adjusted returns and prioritize capital preservation for our clients.

Cima Investment Group – Debt Fund I

Investment Type: Sub and non-performing debt

Position: Senior Secured

Product Type: Multifamily, Office, Flex, Industrial, and Senior Living

Target Markets: All US Markets

Project Size: $5MM – $30MM

Returns: 30%+ Leveraged IRR’s

Investment Term: 1-3 years

Opportunity: Below PAR purchases on well collateralized debt with accrued interest, default interest, exit fees, late fees, minimum interest/yield maintenance, maturity defaults, monetary defaults & technical defaults

Thesis: Rising interest rates results in distressed assets, particularly multi-family and office properties with 5 year interest only senior loans.

Cima Investment Group – Senior Fund

Investment Type: Value-Add Assisted Living

Target Markets: All US Markets

Project Size: $8MM – $40MM

Returns: 15%+ Leveraged IRR’s

Investment Term: 4-5 years

Opportunity: Off-market, assisted living facilities in strong demand markets that are in need of reposition. Reassign operating partner and establish performance metrics to drive NOI targets. Active management.

Thesis: Multi-family investors with workout assisted living facilities do not have team or resources to perform business turnaround; thus creating value-add opportunities, while aging population accelerates.